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Gooood morning everyone! It's a gorgeous day, the birds are singing, the sun is out and I’ve got some workshops to tell you about! 

We’ve got some really funky ones on the way. First up is a yarn dyeing workshop on Saturday the 2nd of July. This is probably the most popular workshop we run, as you get to spend a load of time just having fun with splashy, messy colours. No matter how you dye the yarn, you’re going to come out with something that looks gorgeously artisan. Who knows? It might spark a passion for a new hobby, or it might just be the most fun moment of your life. You’ll only find out if you come along!

On Saturday 9th July, we have a Learn to Crochet workshop, perfect for all of you who come into the shop and tell us that you’re a master of knitting but crochet evades you. Well, it shall evade you no longer! You’ll learn the basic techniques here and come away with enough knowledge to begin your crochet journey with confidence.

And, on Saturday the 30th of July we’ve got a pretty exciting one, teaching you all about Sunburst Granny Squares and the magic of the join-as-you-go method. I’m a big fan of the sunburst squares - they’re simple enough to do and beautiful enough to keep you going for a while, with endless possibilities of colour combinations and projects that will look divine with these squares. The JAYG method can be a bit fiddly if you’ve not come across it before, but Eleanor will make it super easy for you and you’ll have yet another skill under your crochet belt. Well worth it, this one! 

We always have some Fiver Friday slots open too, which are five quid, half an hour sessions designed to help you with a problem in your project. It’s not a lesson per se, so we can’t teach you the basics here, but if you’re struggling with a pattern and it’s all a bit alien to you, fret not! We will work it out together.

All of the details you need to know are on the individual listing pages, so please take a look and read through the descriptions thoroughly! Keep an eye out for any updates to our Workshops Collection here too; often we’ll put up workshops and forget to promote them for a week. 

I really hope we can see some of you coming along to these workshops, as they really are a great representative of the heart of this community. See you soon!

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