Yarn Is Not Edible, But I Wish This One Was - King Cole Cutie Pie DK

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Look, they're all named after pies. And I LOVE pies. Why can't I eat it?! :(

Hello again! We've got a new baby yarn in! You might have seen in the previous blog post that there's a new kid on the block, King Cole Cutie Pie DK. I didn't talk much about it then because the sweetness of this yarn deserves its own post, I think. Shall we take a look?

Cutie Pie DK is a 100% acrylic, anti-pilling baby yarn in six soft but vibrant shades. There's 250 metres to a 100g ball, so it goes a good long way (more than the Cherish DK, actually!). It's really, REALLY SOFT. It feels very similar to the Beaches DK, but it's anti-pilling so it's spun a little tighter.

It's also a multicoloured stripe mix, but the stripes aren't harsh at all, they blend in with each other in a similar way to the Baby Pure DK. So really, you've got the best of all the baby yarns rolled into one. With pretty colours! And prettier patterns! My personal favourite shade is Apple Pie. Rhubarb Pie is really, really cute though if you want vibrancy. I'm getting hungry. Let's talk about the patterns.

We've got six new patterns and they have SPOILT us. All of them are a bit more complex than the usual offerings with cables and all-over lace and texture and smooshyness. Colour changing yarns tend to draw your interest more than solid ones, and when you combine that with these patterns, you are definitely not going to be bored making these. 

6032 ^ is my personal favourite, purely because it's GOT A CAPE, and all people, babies or adults, need a little cape. It's so cute. I'm a big fan of anything garter stitch, too, so to have a garter stitch border and button band and cuff situation is just very, very sweet.

The baby on the front of 6034 is being a very good and serious model for a more serious pattern - this set looks quite fairytale, in my eyes, with the bobbly edging and the pointy lace. I can't quite explain why it feels like that, but it does, and I love it. 

I have a feeling 6030 is going to be a popular pattern, too. I'm always a fan of a single row of garter stitch breaking up stocking stitch but ooooh to put a nice smooshy cable down the front too? Come on, that's just crying out to be cast on. There's also a little shoulder cable detail too which I haven't seen before and I'm a big fan of. 

6029 is another fairytale-y one with eyelet lace and some deep texture, we've got a beautifully simple yet textured set with 6031 (that will make your baby look like a grandad and we LOOOOOVE that) and 6033 has wide open cables and a lot of smooshyness again. 

I really just can't help but feel like they've hit the nail on the head with these patterns. They're so interesting and so fun and you're going to have a lot of fun making them for whatever baby lies in your future. 

But, of course, these yarns are not just for babies. I'm looking at the Blueberry Pie shade now and thinking that I could do with some lighter blue stuff in my wardrobe. Plus, we deserve a bit of softness too, right?

So. Get inspired, get casting on, and treat yo'self. The patterns and the yarn are in a collection here.

And stay hydrated and out of the sun!!

-Casperrrr <3

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