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Howdy, everyone! I don't know if you've heard, but we're taking part in Yarnstravaganza this month! It's a celebration of independent yarn shops, bricks and mortar babeys, and we're very happy to be showing the love for our family this month. 

We've got a few things going on so far. Firstly, we're taking part in a sweet little social media game made by Rainbow Valley Crafts and Unravel Unwind. We're posting each prompt from this list each day, and we're looking forward to all of you joining in too! 

A text post listing various prompts for the Yarnstravaganza event.

Just post according to the prompt, and use the hashtags #YSGMoments and #YSGKnitNott, and we'll check out your posts and share them about etc. It'll be great fun!

Secondly, we've got not one but TWO giveaways going on?! You're so spoilt <3.

A little game for those of you who love knitting and crocheting toys... If you tag us on social media in photos of the toys you knit/crochet, or bring it in to show us if you don't use social media, we'll enter you into a little prize pool and eleven random crafters will receive some yarn! You'll get one ball each of King Cole Big Value DK in Emerald, Pink, White and Black, and a ball of white King Cole Truffle DK, and perhaps a little extra something! Use the hashtag #KnitNottToy on your posts on Facebook or Instagram.

A stack of different colours of yarn on a green chair, with the shop in the background. From the bottom up, the yarn packs are white, green, pink, black and then white again.

But, now its time to let you know about the Big Big Giveaway, and we aren't kidding. This is a giveaway of over £200 worth of stuff. Don't ever say we don't treat you well!

Here's a flat lay of everything included in the giveaway (edit from Eleanor... so far... I keep adding stuff!!). It's a lush mix of yarns in different fibres like wool, acrylic and linen. Then we've got some needles and hooks, some buttons, patterns and other little bits you'll need to keep you entertained this winter!

[ID: A flat lay of various yarns, pattern books, buttons, knitting needles and other knitting goodies on a brown table. It's very colourful. End ID.]

Now for the rules of this one. 

Every £10 you spend gets you an entry. You'll either need to sign up for the mailing list or be on it already. That's it! Easy peasy. We'll let you know when it's starting!

We'll be adding some other Extravaganza-y bits into this month, but this is the month where we celebrate and show our love and appreciation for bricks and mortar shops. If you've got a local one, pop in. If you love an indie businesses posts on social media, tell them. If you just want to spread some joy, then do so. We appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for helping make this shop possible!

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