King Cole

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Right, I've got to be honest here, I really don't like the colours they've chosen, but what I do like is the underlying pattern. A relaxed fit, drop shoulder, summer jumper in sweet, simple but not boring stitch patterns (that you could definitely lift and put elsewhere) and a gorgeous wide neckline (on the jumper anyway, I think they should have swapped that and put the higher neckline on the jumper and the wider on the t-shirt, but who am I and what do I know?!).

What I do know is that, as knitters, it's imperative for us to see past trivial things like colours to see the shapes and stitches that make up a garment and to have a bit of imagination as to how we'll make this work for us or the recipients of our knitting. Sometimes, patterns like this come along to remind me of that. 

This is written for the lovely King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK. The needles are 3.75mm and 4mm straights.