King Cole

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There's always a standout in a set of patterns and for me, this is it! I adore the way that the old shale lace pattern places with the colours in this yarn. It would also look incredible in a plain DK (like the Luxury Merino or the Homespun) and absolutely heavenly in the Riot DK. I know I'm always going on about the sleeves on patterns but I do think I would make this one in a rib and shorten it - a nice boxy, square shape with tight sleeves is such an easy shape to wear and always looks so classy. I'm making one for me so watch this space! 

You'll need some Jitterbug, some 4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm needles for the plain sleeved version and some 4.5mm and 5mm for patterned sleeve sweater.