King Cole

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These gorgey patterns were written for the new shades in the Big Value Aran which I honestly think are just delightful and a real match for the modern take on traditional arans. I just can't get over how the basket weave in the middle of the diamond cable spills out to the side, it's so simple but I've never seen it before. If you know cable and aran this is not going to blow your mind but I do think it will be an interesting knit and it's definitely one I'll be doing myself. 

This is written for the Big Value Aran, the Fashion Aran would be a great alternative and if you like a pure wool (which I do for arans, snuggly!) then have a look at the Wool Aran. You'll need some 4.5mm, 5mm and 5.5mm needles for the cape, some 4.5mm and 5mm for the jumper, a 4mm and 5mm for the hat and I'm going to go out a limb, even thought they don't specify and suggest you probably want a cable needle