King Cole

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Delightfully simple and adorable patterns from King Cole (more berets please!) with a lovely texture to the hemline and edge of the blanket. It's so lovely you might want to make one of those blankets for yourself!

Do not be fooled, this pattern has an age range of 0-7 years - so it isn't just for babies! 

These patterns are knitted in King Cole Cherish DK (the variegated yarn) and King Cole Cherished DK (the solid sister of Cherish) which are both a super soft acrylic blend made just for babies. I would also recommend looking at using King Cole Finesse DK, it is a gorgeous yarn with cotton and silk that is soft, washable, super smooth and drapey. 

These patterns are knitted on 3.75mm and 4mm straight needles and you will need some handsome buttons to finish depending on your garment choice.