King Cole

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I always love how genuinely excited the babies on King Cole patterns are for knitwares. Who wouldn't love that gorgeous texture on the front cover blanket, either? These are easy knit, so the blankets and cushions aren't going to give you any trouble. One of the sets is even pure garter stitch, which I am a massive fan of. 

We are absolutely going to suggest the King Cole Bramble DK for that gorgeous rainbow pattern, but these realistically are going to look good in any of the double knit yarn we stock here. 

You're going to need 4mm, 3.75mm and 3.25mm needles (the 3.75mms are only for the front cover blanket/cushion). You'll need a cable needle for the cable blanket and cushion. Also pick up a 12inch zip for each cushion, and a 14inch cushion pad for each too.