King Cole

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The jumper is my favourite here. I even like how they've styled it (!!!). I think King Cole are really great at offering basic cable garments; see how the cable isn't involved in any shaping until a little tiny bit in the neck? I'd be tempted to put a little cable up the sleeve to spice it up a bit, and I'm also very fond of putting patterning on the back of a handmade garment. You never see that on a commercial pattern, because it costs more money. WE DESERVE THAT LUXURY! It might take a little more yarn, but it will be worth it. 

This has originally been knitted in King Cole Drifter Aran, a part cotton, part wool, part acrylic yarn that does the colourwork for you! You will need 4mm and 5mm needles, stitch holders, a cable needle, and buttons.