King Cole

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Obviously the stripes make this visually striking. It also adds a bit of something to an otherwise rather simple shape. Please note that the edges are knitted on rather than picked up, which I know a lot of you like, but there is quite a bit of picking up around the neck which could be done a little neater than whoever knitted this sample. 

Super duper cute cowl (and I MEAN super duper cute). Please feel free to use yarn scraps for this - mix and match stripes/sparkles/multicolours and match that whole maelstrom with something plainer at the top. That's a really cute way of incorporating some gorgeous colours.

 This pattern has been written for Subtle Drifter DK, but you can use any yarn from the Drifter DK range and you could probably substitute another DK (when in doubt, reach out.)

You'll need 4mm and 3.25 mm knitting needles.