King Cole

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Doesn't this outfit make you want to go skiing? Maybe it's just me, but it has such a lovely wintery nordic vibe... it's screaming snow day! Well, even if you're not a wintery person, you're going to rock this pattern anyway. These two jumpers are easy knit and made in King Cole's Fjord DK, which gives it that fair-isle look without you having to do any colour changing at all. You have a nice basic construction to make this one of those TV knits, and the stocking stitch won't take anything away from that self patterning yarn. How can you resist? I know I can't.

This pattern has been made in the aforementioned King Cole Fjord DK but for a solid colour one, the Cherished (with an -ed!) would work up lovely.

You'll need 3.25mm and 4mm needles for this project.