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Ponchos. You might know how I've always felt about ponchos, but I'm going to leave this here as a little Easter egg to see who's really paying attention - I am coming a little bit around to the idea of ponchos. And it's because of patterns like this I think that show a poncho that's not too big and bulky, in the right colours, styled nicely and it does help that the model is gorgeous doesn't it? I'm still not sure they're for me but I'm happy if they're for you. 

What I will say about ponchos is, if you're looking for a nice middle ground between an accessory which is small and quick and a garment which might intimidate you with shaping etc. then this might well be it. It's a fair bit of knitting but it's straight and then you get to practice your sewing up. Love it. 

Knitted in King Cole Harvest DK, you'll need 4mm needles and either 3.25mm straight or circular needles for the mock cable poncho borders. You'll need a cable needle, too.