King Cole

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We're a big fan of dungarees and overalls in this shop. Come in on any day and the chances that either of us are wearing a good ol' pair of dungs is pretty dang high. When this came in there was discussion of how hard it would be to size it up. And it also comes with cardigan and hat.

Originally knitted in the brand new King Cole Little Treasures DK, a stunning baby yarn that has a speckled/smooshy-wooshy colour design that doesn't overwhelm all your hard work stitching. It would swap well with the King Cole Cherished DK, but Little Treasures has a huge meterage so you will need more than it says on the pattern if you're swapping out- always work out meterage or call us for help.

This pattern has sizing for premature babies.

Knitted on 3.25mm, 3.75mm and 4mm straight needles with some buttons.