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Whenever King Cole bring out a new yarn, you should always be ready for the multi-pattern accessory leaflet they bring out. If there isn't one for a certain yarn, be sure that the apocalypse is ahead! Here you've got two hats (one of which is a current shop sample), two neck-warming items (a snood and a dickie, and if you laugh at that, you're immature and so am I), and two pairs of gorgeous wristwarmers. I'm urging you to wear all of this with anything else you make in Nordic Chunky, and be the brightest-patterned person in the world this Autumn.

This has been written in King Cole Nordic Chunky, a new merino/acrylic blend that patterns itself with a faux-isle stripe. You'll need 5mm and 6mm needles, with stitch holders for the dickie.