King Cole

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This is the first pattern I've seen in the King Cole Classics range and I'll be honest, I've no idea what it means! It could be an old pattern that they've remade but what I'm hoping is that they're doing a series of simple, basic shapes in every yarn weight. This has a round neck and a raglan for both jumpers, the difference is just the length of the sweater with the yellow one being much longer. They've whacked in a simple knit and purl patterned snood and I think that's super generous of them! 

Originally knitted King Cole Big Value Chunky, an acrylic yarn with a large range of colours for whatever your heart desires. You could also try this pattern in King Cole Chunky Tweed, which has some great shades with a cheeky fleck to bring a bit of extra interest to those cables. 

Knitted on 5mm and 6mm straight needles and some stitch holders.