King Cole

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We're always asked for simple waistcoat patterns, and this is about as gentle as you can get! If you've never made a garment before but want to learn techniques like knitting from a stitch holder, and some gentle decreasing for the shaping, this is the pattern for you. Two waistcoats of different lengths, set in pockets, and a button band, all with a lovely blank canvas of stocking stitch that will help show off whatever yarn you use.

If you'd like a plain shade of yarn, try the King Cole Subtle Drifter DK here with its gorgeous depth and tone. If you want something a bit funkier, have a look at the self striping Bramble DK! You'll need 3.25mm and 4mm needles, along with a 3.25mm 100cm circular needle for picking up the waistcoat borders. Pick up some stitch holders too, and buttons for both.