Addi CraSy Trio

Addi CraSy Trio


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This is it, the brand new way to knit socks in the 21st century. All the flexibility of DPNS but with, well, flexibility. All the easiness of tiny circulars but with more to grip. The bendy cables in the middle mean you can do socks on just two needles and knitting with a third, meaning fewer needle changes and really simple heels. They even have the edge on our beloved tiny circular Sockenwonders in the you can do your socks as small or wide as you want even down to the tippy toes.

Each needle has a blunt end and pointy lace end, so you can knit with whichever side depending on the yarn you're using. Also included an instructional booklet with a super-tailored sock pattern which will teach you to make socks to fit any sized foot with ease. They really have thought of everything!

When these came out they were so popular that Addi had to divert all it's factory power to making them- true story. They're a great innovation bringing together the best of DPNs and circulars into a CraSy sock knitting delight.