Aran Book Two

King Cole

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I really, really hope someone in my life has a baby soon because I want to make these patterns for them!! The King Cole baby books always knock it out of the park and this time we've got smooshy aran goodness to keep those babies warm and snug, but also keep you interested as you're knitting them. There's cables, there's texture, there's cute cardigans and jumpers and animal ears on hats and there's even a little sleeping bag. Thirty-seven patterns in one book... now you're talking. They go from baby to 7 years old, too, so you can cover an entire childhood wardrobe!

These have been written in many Aran yarns, and they mainly use 4mm and 5mm needles. You'll need some cable needles for some of them as well as stitch holders and buttons, but check each pattern for a definitive list.