French Knitting Doll

French Knitting Doll


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Bonjour! C'est le Knitting Doll du Francais! That's right, I didn't continue French past age 13, thanks for noticing. 

This gorgeous painted knitting doll is wooden with 4 gold pins at the top with sloped tips for easy knitting. It also comes with a plastic needle for making the stitches and an instruction manual to go with. 

This is perfect for knitting i-cords for drawstrings, bags, jewellery and decorative fastenings, and is a super popular choice for getting young children into knitting early. 

These come in multiple colours, but they've all got the same barcode so we can't really keep track of them, so your doll might be a different colour scheme but equally cute and functional.

8cm / 3 1/4" tall without pins