Christmas Opening Times

Posted by Eleanor Burke on

Well. We're not open basically. So there's that. Haha. 

We'll be open as normal until Saturday the 23rd of December when we'll shut at 3pm. And then we'll be closed until Tuesday the 16th of January when we're back into normal opening times (half ten to five). 

If you're not used to us, we always take a long holiday over Christmas because it's the only time when it feels justified to actually close, but this is a slightly extended break. We used to open over Christmas but it was just never busy. Lots of people at this point would be like - well, can't somebody else cover for you? And the answer is no because that costs money and if the shop isn't busy then it's costing me money. Also, I don't want to be at the end of the line if/when things go wrong, I want my Christmas break and I want other people to have their Christmas break too! 

I know it might be a disappointment to some of you, I understand lots of you come back to see family over Christmas and it's your only chance to see us but I hope you understand that I need that time to decompress. And, in the nicest way, I don't need to hear how disappointed you are, if you are. It's been a wild end to the year (the rest of the year was actually, surprisingly chilled) and I am just so looking forward to my exciting time off. This is still the internet so I won't let too much loose on here just now but I'll give you all the goss when I come back after Christmas. I'm planning lots of knitting and crocheting time so hopefully I'll have some updates for you. 

I am planning to do some wrapping up the end of the year stuff still, I know I've been absent from here and all social media stuff and I do feel a bit bad about it (although it's been totally justified, the shop has been wild!!!) but I do want to come back to chat for sure and I hope I get time! 

I will say, one thing I've been meaning to say, is that there is still space on the fairisle lesson on the 16th of December. I am so proud of what the people from the previous two lessons have managed and I have loads of pictures to show you when I have a minute. But until then, if you fancy it, you could be on it!!!

That's it - thanks for reading and have a lovely, gorgeous, restful holiday if you can. If not, I hope you get time to craft. 

Eleanor. xxx

Love Eleanor. :)

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  • Hi there. Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year. I hope you have a lovely break and get some quality time for yourself!

    Glynis on
  • Hiya l don’t come in much because of arthritis , tried with my feet even worse 😹 you work very hard all year so need some time to relax with family so you can shine as brightly all year . Enjoy Jan😽🐘

    Jan Hancock on

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