Cottonsoft DK - SO MANY CHOICES!

Posted by Casper Alixander on

Good day! Casper here.

If you haven't heard me wax lyrical about Cottonsoft before, this is the blog post for you. I first tried the King Cole Cottonsoft DK before I even knew Knit Nottingham existed, so imagine my joy when I walked in the shop and there were six whole squares of a Kallax unit FILLED with Cottonsoft?!

Cottonsoft is one of the most versatile and useful yarns ever. It's 100% cotton, with a matte finish and a gorgeous drape. The fibre is perfect for summery garments, but it's also great for amigurumi - it's stitch definition is fantastic. Durable and wearable, try using this yarn for baby garments, too, as it's totally washable (just in case!).

The best part about the Cottonsoft DK is that it has SIBLINGS! You've got the Cottonsoft Candy, which is a white yarn with many different colourful spots and flecks. The Cottonsoft Crush is vibrant and self striping. The Cottonsoft Baby Crush is self striping again, but with more pastel shades. And, everything goes with everything else - you have so many options to choose from. 

(My personal favourites are both Baby Crush shades, called Fresco and Rainbow. True vibes.)

This pattern is a perfect example of how lush the self striping nature of this yarn is, especially for babies. Plus, look at that collar...! However, if you're looking for something more adult and modern, check out this set - I am in love with that cable tank top. This yarn is also perfect for accessories. Here's a crochet set with a heavenly triangle shawl, a true springtime dream.

We've got a collection of all of the Cottonsoft DK yarns and patterns right here! Check it out.

Have a great day!


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