King Cole Cottonsoft DK

King Cole

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King Cole's Cottonsoft DK is the Ronseal of the yarn world- it's 100% cotton, and boy is it soft! It has a matte, low pile appearance, with a gorgeous drape due to its heaviness as a fibre. It is also super breathable, making it a must for summer wear and lacework items. It ALSO works fantastically for babies clothes, as the softness and breathability prevent rashes and it ALSO washes really well in case of... uhm... accidents.

Other variants include the:
King Cole Cottonsoft Candy DK - Range of white yarn with colourful spots.
King Cole Cottonsoft Crush DK - Range of self-striping, colourful yarn.
King Cole Baby Crush DK - Range of self-striping, pastel yarn. Less brutal than it sounds.