June Joy! (New Stuff)

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Buongiorno, Casper here! Ahh, it's that time of year again when we get an influx of truly exciting things in the mail from King Cole. New shades of yarn, two new yarns, one yarn that we haven't stocked in literal years and literally the best shade of Riot DK to ever exist ever. Ooh, you're in for a treat!

Firstly, Linendale DK is finally back in stock at King Cole, so we've managed to refresh our shelves! If you were after the green, the hot pink, the blue or the purple and you've been begging us to restock it, now is your time.

Right. Onto the actual new stuff. We've had four beautiful additions to the Fjord DK family! Let's welcome Tana (4925) a bright blue, white and dark blue mix; Lista (4924) a white, grey and black mix; Faxa (4922) a purple, white and dark grey mix; and my personal favourite, Halsa (4922) a bright yellow, grey and white mix (pictured below). All of them do the faux-isle fabulousness we've come to know and love from Fjord DK, and they all do it very well indeed. 

I wish I could save this for last because it really is the best thing to happen to me in the shop this year, but look. Lets just get to the new shades of Riot DK, yeah? Firstly, from left to right in the photo beneath, we have Camouflage (3765) and Teal (3764). These really fill a gap in the Riot range as all of the greens have always been mixed with other brighter colours, but here that is firmly a green mix yarn. With the Teal, we've got a few blue-y yarns but again they're mostly all mixed with other colours. Now we've got two ultra modern brights-to-greys shades and I cannot wait to work them up.

And of course, there's Carnival (3765). We've got a couple of rainbow Riot shades but this just really, really hits the spot. It's the best rainbow I've seen King Cole do. It's the best Riot DK shade. It's so bright, unapologetic, and that pink is divine. It's similar in brightness to the old rainbow shade of Glitz DK (RIP, forever in my heart). Every time I look at this shade I get a little shiver of delight. It's perfect. Happy Pride Month!!!

Okay, onto a yarn we haven't had in for a very long time but we've decided to get in again because it's cool and people want it. Raffia is a great addition to our summer lineup because it lends itself so incredibly well to summer accessories. Hats, belts, homewares and bags are Raffia's best friends. We've been sending out a couple of free patterns to the first purchasers of Raffia, but we've also got a Pinterest board full of ideas for it and Eleanor's writing a pattern up for a bag, too!

*drumroll*... it's actual new yarn time. Shall we start with the Dish Cloth Cotton? I already love it. Again, it really fills a gap in our stock as it's an aran weight cotton, but there are so many selling points to this yarn. It's nicely textured and feels like a craft cotton but a little softer, so it'll be perfect for any crafts, not necessarily just knitting or crochet! It comes in six great shades, and they're all suitable for home dyeing too. It's recycled and meets the right criteria for the Global Recycling Standard people to have put their stamp on it, so it's eco-conscious too. AND, it's £2.65 a ball. We absolutely love how affordable it is and we know you've been asking for it. So here! Enjoy and rejoice.

And, lastly, we've got a really quite lovely new baby yarn in. Of course we're struggling to find space for it but we just couldn't resist! Cutie Pie DK has six soft yet vibrant shades and they're all super gorgeous. I'm going to write a bigger blog post about this yarn specifically in the next couple of days, so watch this space! There are new patterns out for it too, which again I'll talk about in the blog post but if you're nosy now you can find here. 

That's about it, I think! I know it's hot and everyone's bothered but knitting might take your mind off of that. Get all of those winter projects out of the way so you actually can finish them by winter, and you'll be golden!

Stay hydrated and slay the day away,

Love Casperrrrrrrrrr <3

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