King Cole Fjord DK

king cole

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This has got to  be the most requested yarn that we stock! When it first came in we chose not to stock it despite really liking it because there's only so much space in a small bricks and mortar like ours but we just weren't able to keep that up with the amount of people asking for it on a weekly basis! 

It's super smooth and silky, not sure how much that comes across on the interwebs but it's just gorgeous and soft. It would work for summer garments because of this but the colours will be a fresh addition to a winter wardrobe too, just layer it up! It's designed to work in knitting but these fauxisle yarns can look gorgeous in crochet too and this one in particular has quite wide stripes which should work really well for yarn hungry crochet. 
We have a swatch of one of the brand new colours, Bok, which shows approximately the pattern all the shades will knit up in across the board.