Postcards with Love 2022 King Cole Crochet Along

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Crochet-along projects are often one of the most fulfilling things you can do if you're finding yourself in a bit of a rut when it comes to crochet. We've all been there, and personally I find that something structured with the support of other people is the best way to get that inspiration flowing and that confidence back. They're not just great for that reason though - everyone can find something to love about a good ol' make along. So, here we go...

King Cole have announced their Crochet Along blanket and now we can pass this gorgeous project along to you. Welcome to the Postcards with Love Blanket, designed by Eleonora Tully!

This blanket is made up of a bunch of different seaside-y motifs. Just in the photo above you can see little postcard motifs, sunrises, hearts, seagulls and beach huts. The CAL is structured so each week you'll do a couple of motifs and join them together - you can see there's a bit of granny stitch joining these together along with some other stitches we're not allowed to tell you about yet. It really is a gorgeous blanket. 

This is one of those projects that will be perfect for pretty much everyone. If you're a beginner and feel like diving in at the deep end, know that there's a lot of support around you in case you get stuck on a technique. If you're a more advanced crocheter, this is going to help refresh all of your skills without stress.

Something we're super excited to announce, though, is that we're doing YARN PACKS for this crochet along, and also CROCHET GROUPS to help you get started and finish it off! How exciting!

The yarn packs are in two different yarns - the King Cole Big Value DK, which is 100% acrylic and hardwearing, or the King Cole Cottonsoft DK, which is 100% cotton and super soft. The blanket will be different sizes depending on the yarn you use as you use different hooks for each. 

With Cottonsoft DK, it will measure 122cm x 122cm (48in x 48in) and you'll be using a 4mm hook. With Big Value DK, it will be 132cm x 132cm (52in x 52in) and you'll use a 4.5mm hook

We'll be sending those packs out in the week beginning 2nd May!

Gosh, we are so excited for the crochet groups, too! The CAL begins on the 23rd May, so we've got one group on the 27th May @ 5pm which is for beginning the blanket. The second group is on the 1st July, also @ 5pm, which is for finishing off the blanket. Plus, we're happy to provide support throughout. The groups are free if you've bought the yarn packs from us and we just need to email you to confirm whether you're coming or not, but if not it's £5 per group and you can book that here.

Honestly, we really can't wait to see your blankets and you can guarantee that we're going to be with you every step of the way, it's so exciting! King Cole's crochet alongs are always really fun to make and they get more gorgeous and more popular every year. 

So, just as a quick summary, here's the link to the yarn packs, here's the link to the crochet groups, and we hope you're going to join us on this summery journey!

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