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A few times a year we get a bit of excitement in the shop when King Cole release a bunch of new stuff all at once. I usually have some dramatic statement to make when I first cut open the delivery box, and Eleanor's usually busy actually running the shop and being a #Girlboss, which means all of my opinions just drift away on the wind. So I'm putting them all here, instead!

I'll start with new shades of existing yarns first. I think I'm most excited about these not-so-subtle shades of Subtle Drifter DK - look at that vibrant purple! The sunflower yellow! And that is a PROPER red. They all work so well with each other but then I'm looking at the existing Ivy shade and holding it up to the Purple... that's a cute combo. 

An arm holds three yarn balls in purple, yellow and bright red. The ball band says "King Cole Subtle Drifter Double Knitting" and is light brown. Shelves of yarn appear in the background.

Moving on to new shades of Cherish DK! I doubt the popularity of this yarn will ever fade, and may only increase considering just how truly beachy and summery the new Ocean shade is (bottom left of the triangle). We've also got Marshmallow (the bright pink one) and Pink Fizz (the top one, it's a lush mix of mauve, light pink, grey and white as it's not too obvious on the photo).

Three balls of yarn in multicoloured pastel shades are held against a body, looking down on the triangle of yarn.

And, just look at these two new shades of Pricewise! Watermelon and Cordial, two vibrant and kind of neon but not quite shades.

I've already posted about the new shades of Yummy, and they're showcased in the featured photo of this blog post, but they're all based off of rose-garden vibes and the way the green and pink line up actually look like abstract flowers. This was a really good choice by King Cole.

And... oh... this is the Best Bit Of All. 

We've got new Footsie 4ply shades.


Just LOOK at the vibrancy of the yellows in Lemon (middle)! The soft yet powerful pastels of the Cantaloupe (left)! And... LOOK AT THE DRAGONFRUIT. LOOK AT IT. IT'S SO, SO GORGEOUS I WANT TO EXPLODE.

Three multicoloured balls of yarn lined up in a row, one mainly orange, one mainly yellow, and one mainly pink. The ball band says "Footsie 4ply".

Okay. I've got that out of the way. But now there's a new yarn I've just got to tell you about, and it leads on very well from the Footsie 4ply because... well... it's the Footsie 4ply. 

But not as you know it! 


Six solid shades of Footsie 4ply, called Simply Footsie 4ply, with basically the same composition and the same sturdy springiness you've come to expect from what I think is easily King Cole's best sock yarn offering. They're still all named after fruits, too! I personally am a fan of the purple but the basic shades of black and white are perfect staples.

 Okay. I'm pretty sure I got everything, but if I'm forgetting something you'll hear about it soon. We've also restocked a lot of the Cottonsoft DK ready for summer, and to be honest most of the yarns in the shop right now are in really good stock. Don't forget that fibrecrafts aren't just for winter!

Have a glooooorious day, a wonderful weekend, and remember that you're awesome.

-Casper <3


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