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Snoods are great all-round as they stop the "how do I wear this" dilemma presented by scarves. These patterns are great to knit for presents or charity knits as they are simple which make enjoyable knit club projects or relaxing listening to an audiobook. 

They are knitted in King Cole Yummy Chunky yarn which has a range of speckled or solid colourways. Made from 100% polyester it is great for people with sensitive skin and is machine washable. I think that scarf and snood patterns are what variegated yarn is designed for and King Cole Drifter Chunky  is FABULOUS in these kinds of accessories with its melty colourways.  

As this is is a multi-pattern you will need to check the specs to see which needles you need. They vary between 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10mm knitting needles