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One of the fantastic things about the King Cole Big Value Baby 4plyBig Value Baby 4ply Print and Big Value Baby 4ply Spot  range is that they have a whole heap (technical term) of different colourways, from solid to variegated and speckled. This pattern set really makes the most of those different shades in a design that also has teeny tiny pocketses. Perfect for storing the precious items of the curious toddler. (Casper here, I would've definitely shoved gravel and some bugs in those pockets)

You could also try using the King Cole Drifter 4ply for this pattern as it has a great fibre composition of cotton/acrylic and wool making it super soft and enjoyable to knit with AND it comes in a range of self-striping fauxisle colourways. 

You will also need 2.75mm and 3.25mm knitting needles and stitch holders for these projects.