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Hehehe... this is the best pattern King Cole have ever written. I'm going to make one for myself in an adult size (it's Casper writing this, imagine Eleanor in a unicorn cardigan... hehehe.) I love the stripey unicorn horn on the cardigan version of this, and I'm loving the all-over rib, and I'm loving the tail, and I just love this pattern so much, and !!!! there is literally no reason for you not to make this, is there.

We're definitely recommending the King Cole Pricewise DK for this cardigan as it's going to give you a wide range of colours to choose from so you can make your child into a rainbow unicorn if you so wish. However I'm looking at the King Cole Baby Pure DK and thinking that pastel self stripey-ness would work so well...

You'll need 3.25mm and 4mm needles, a 3.25mm 100cm circular needle (either Addi or  Clover), stitch holders, and either six or seven buttons for the cardigan depending on the size you're making.