5127 - discontinued

King Cole

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Gosh I just think this is the neatest piece that King Cole do. The sweater to me is just pure 1950's-wear-with-a-circle-skirt vibes. I love it. I really want everybody to think hard about the ease that they want and need here - if you're going for the 1950's vibes then you'll want to make a size or two down but even if you don't want it so tight I do think this will benefit from not being too oversized, it's neat and it deserves to stay neat.

Obviously they show this in a plain colour of the King Cole Cottonsoft DK but I do think it would look very nice in the spotty King Cole Cottonsoft Candy DK. If you want something plainer and warmer, how about Luxury Merino DK?

Knitted on 3.25mm and 4mm straight needles, a cable needle and some stitch holders