King Cole

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Love this piece as an intro to lace - as soon as you've got your head around the first pattern you're onto the next and once that's got boring you're into the stocking stitch and the shaping and then you're done! Love it. 

Written for the King Cole Cottonsoft DK which, despite being a cotton, does have a slight fluffiness to it so it makes it warmer, softer and also easier on the hands. If you are worried about working with cotton it's a great starter. I think it'd look great in the spotty King Cole Cottonsoft Candy DK too but I think I'd avoid the striper versions, as gorgeous as they are. With this being a kids thing too it would be remiss if I didn't suggest the Cherished DK

Knitted on 3.25mm and 4mm straight needles and a 3.25mm 100cm Addi circular needle.