King Cole

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If you're wanting gorgeous autumn cables but you're a bit overwhelmed by the thought of a whole project then this seems a perfect compromise - simple cables in the ribbing. There's a lot of them so you're not short changing yourself but you're also giving yourself some breathing room for a bit of mindless knitting. Love it. The poncho has lace around the edge rather than cables which is not only gorgeous but it makes the whole piece a bit lighter feeling which is great because it's not small, it's a blanket of a thing and that lightness keeps it wearable. 

For this pattern we would recommend using King Cole Forest Aran which has a lovely, understated flecky pattern. Or, try our lovely King Cole Big Value Aran. Both are basic arans which knit and wear well but the Forest has a wool content and is entirely recycled which is super exciting! 

You will also need 4.5mm and 5mm knitting needles and a cable needle