King Cole

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This. Is. Such. A. Cute. Collection! Basketweave, cable, stockinette, round, square, HEART... there is everything you need in this pattern and if you've not done any of these techniques before, this pattern is going to tell you how. Your skills will be boosted, your crops will be watered, your skin will be clear and your life will be changed. Need cushions? This pattern's got your back. 

It's been written in King Cole Shadow Chunky, but it's a cushion - you can use whatever chunky you want as long as it fits the gauge!

You'll need 6mm needles for all of the cushions, 5mm needles for the stocking stitch square cushion, a cable needle for the cable cushion, a stitch holder for the heart cushion, stuffing for the heart and round cushion, four buttons for the stocking stitch cushion, a 41cm cushion pad for the square cushions and a 41cm zip for the basketweave and cabled cushion. Gosh, that was a list, wasn't it!