King Cole

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If you don't want to pick up stitches (and honestly, I suggest you learn to do that properly because it's, if not a joy, then just and really simple and easy thing to do - I WONDER WHERE YOU MIGHT FIND A NICE LITTLE WOOL SHOP THAT TEACHES FINISHING TECHNIQUES?! Give us a call...), then this jacket is for you. Can you see how the stripes continue right across the rib on the front, that's because it's all part of the same row - cute! It all adds to the relaxed feel of this sweet little garment. 

It's written for the King Cole Drifter Aran which is what makes the gorgeous stripes but I do think it would look (and feel) incredible in the King Cole Forest Aran - you could totally do your own stripes. 

You will need 4mm and 5mm needles for these garments as well as stitch holders