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We love a good easy-to-knit super chunky jumper. You can't go wrong with something so lush to snuggle up in, and if you do go wrong I promise it's going to be easy to fix. These are a great foray into first time garment making, as you're going to feel so fancy doing a raglan sleeve and collar ribbing. Plus, this will knit up in no time, so that instant gratification is all yours!

This has been knitted up in King Cole's Big Value Super Chunky, but if you'd like something fancier have you seen the King Cole Timeless Super Chunky? It's got 10% Alpaca wool in it for super super softness.

You'll need 8mm and 10mm needles, either seven or eight buttons for the cardigan depending on the size you're making, and stitch holders for the jumper.