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Honestly when King Cole brought these patterns out, it kind of blew my mind - aren't they sexy?! I can just imagine so many people wearing these in so many different ways. I can imagine an older lady on a cruise, I can imagine this cropped on a mid 30s career woman in a city and in the right circumstances, can't you just see it oversized and falling off their shoulders on a young'un at a festival? Simple to make but I think you need to be careful how the straps are placed; firstly, they need to be well sewn in, because that would be a terrible wardrobe malfunction, and secondly I think the finishing is going to be the thing that makes this look sleek.

 Written for the King Cole Cotton Top DK which is a gorgeous, cushy cotton blend and you'll need some 4mm and 3.25mm needles, along with some stitch holders.