King Cole

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Now, this pattern came out at a particularly opportune moment when everybody and their grandma was making headbands. It was fashionable at the time where there was  also some sort of resurgence in craft fairs, and these are just so quick and easy to make for them. You've got six different designs here, so that should keep you going for quite some time.

For the ones that are written for chunky, don't forget you can hold two strands of DK yarn together for the same weight, making it a beautiful stash buster. 

These patterns have been written with Majestic DK, Fashion Aran and Timeless Chunky, but you can substitute almost any yarn of the same weight for each. 

For the DK weight, you'll need 4mm needles, for Aran a pair of 5mm needles, and for the Chunky you'll need 6mm needles. For the cabled headband, you'll also need a cable needle.