King Cole

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Although these are ponchos, the lace heart motif is adorable. I've actually never seen a lace heart motif that looks more like a heart. Can I also point out that the edging is knitted at the same time as the piece itself, so there's less sewing up. But, I really want you to know that if you're picking up stitches around the neck edge and it looks as bad as they've done it in the pattern photo, we can help you with pattern support or 1 to 1 lessons. You don't have to suffer in silence!

This has been knitted in King Cole Subtle Drifter DK - you can always talk to us if you want to use another yarn, but most DKs will work here, especially if you're using others in the Drifter range. 

You'll need some 3.25 needles and 4mm needles, as well as stitch holders.