King Cole

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Doesn't this pattern make you warm just looking at it? I think this is probably the smooshiest jumper I've ever seen. It's a two row repeat pattern where you knit into the stitch below and let the stitch on the needle unravel (it's okay, you can do it) and it ends up making this gorgeous texture that everyone will be envious. That tall roll neck on the jumper is perfect to hide in on cold winter nights.

We're absolutely recommending King Cole Big Value Super Chunky Tints for this pattern, as its one of those where you can't really go wrong with self striping yarn. However, if you'd like something more solid, King Cole's Big Value Super Chunky is basically the same as the Tints just in solid colours, whereas King Cole Timeless Super Chunky has a gorgeous 10% alpaca content making it even warmer than you'd expect.

You'll need 9mm and 10mm needles, along with five buttons for the cardigan.