King Cole

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Yes, more accessories in this yarn is absolutely spot on! I know that King Cole were on the right tracks here. What I actually want to point out, because these cause a lot of... excitement... and a little hilarity in the shop is the polo neck (sometimes called dickies I believe and that might lead into it...). I admit it looks a bit silly just sat there on her neck but what it's meant for is for going under the coat when it's closed so it behaves like a wind breaker or a scarf or snood but without the bulk. I think it's genius! 

Knitted in King Cole Rosarium Super Chunky, you're going to need 20mm needles for the garter stitch ridge cowl. You'll need 15mm needles for the moss stitch hat and snood, 1x1 rib hat, polo neck, stocking stitch hat and the cabled snood. For the moss stitch hat, 1x1 rib headband, polo neck and stocking stitch hat also, pick up some 12mm needles