King Cole

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Really, I think the wavey patterns are made for self-stripers. It's just so obvious to me that the stripe helps the pattern and the pattern helps the stripe - it's a gorgeous combination where each element is lifting the other. You could put your own stripes in too if you're using another yarn but this does the hard work for you and that it worth something. Also, if you haven't felt this yarn, it. is. smooshy. So the blanket that she's snuggling up in will feel heavenly. Gosh I am jealous. 

Knitted in King Cole's Harvest DK, you'll need 4mm and 3.25mm needles. You do have the option of using 100cm circular needles in the same sizes here, so do check out our Addi and Clover options here. You'll also need a stitch holder and a cable needle.