King Cole

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Ooh, look at the texture on that sleeve! Look at the button up shoulder on the other one! You're going to look so fancy in these, I just know it. Its a nice basic stocking stitch pattern that means you'll be able to wear this with pretty much anything you can think of, but those little bits of fanciness mean you're going to have a lot of fun both making and wearing these. 

This pattern has been knitted in King Cole Shadow Chunky, but I (Casper) am always going to recommend knitting anything in Riot Chunky because the colours are just so fantastic. If you want a plain coloured jumper to show off the texture a bit more, Big Value Chunky has a great range of shades and will work just fine.

You'll need 5.5mm and 6mm needles, 6.5mm needles for the cowl collar jumper, and either six or eight buttons for the button-shoulder jumper depending on the size you're making.