King Cole

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The interesting L shaped construction of the front cover scarf is the first thing I noticed, but then I got lost in the majesty of that cable pattern! The construction is going to lend itself well to a wrap-around scarf that stays wrapped around without you constantly needing to fiddle with it. Looking on the back cover we find another gorgeous honeycomb scarf pattern with POM POMS on the bottom. Add that delicious pom pom beanie and you're in for a funky treat here.

We would definitely recommend the King Cole Timeless Chunky for this pattern - it's so soft and smooth and would keep you incredibly warm with its alpaca wool content.

You'll need 7mm straight needles and 7cm 100cm circular needles for the grey scarf, and 6mm straight needles for the grey hat and green wrap. You'll also need a cable needle for the wrap.