King Cole

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Now this is what the new King Cole Cotton Socks yarn is made for! Four sock patterns with a great way of utilising the bright colours this yarn has to offer. I'm especially loving the colourwork with the one in the top right. These are for kids, but you can utilise the stripes and construction techniques with any sock you make. These are also knit flat in case you were worrying about using circular needles (we promise it's easier than you think). Plus, four whole patterns in one! Nice.

This was written for the new King Cole Cotton Socks 4ply, a beautiful cotton blend yarn in bright shades designed for sock making. You're going to love it! However, you could totally use the Footsie 4ply and watch what happens when two striped yarns collide...

You'll need 3.25mm and 2.75mm needles, along with stitch holders.