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Now this... This is a pattern and a half. Firstly, the Fjord DK makes even the simplest of patterns look like it's taken you fifty years to make. Secondly, THE RIBBING ON THE FRONT JUMPER. Oh yes. It's gorgeous. Third, may I just point out that you get a cardigan, a jumper, a hat AND a scarf pattern in this? You've basically got yourself a whole Fjord-y outfit, and that is definitely not something to complain about. Fourth, CABLES. Love the drop shoulder, love the high rolled neck, love the thick ribbing on the cuffs, love everything. Make this. You know you want to.

This has been written in King Cole's Fjord DK, a self patterning faux-isle yarn that does so much of the work for you. However, these are quite solid garments by themselves and I think they'd look great in the Drifter DK or even for a solid colour, the Drifter Subtle DK. 

You'll need 3.75mm and 4mm needles, along with a cable needle.