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This is a lush new homewares offering from King Cole, and it's the new Safari Chunky yarn that truly makes it! A blanket, a cushion and a huge floor cushion all wrapped up in one easy-to-knit pattern. If you're looking for a plain homewares pattern, this is it - just use a different yarn that doesn't quite have the bright pizzazz of the Safari Chunky, and you'll have something truly classic. It would be a shame to let the brights and stripes go to waste, though.

This has been knitted in the new King Cole Safari Chunky, a 100% acrylic self patterning yarn with animal-esque striping and a colour stripe behind it. If you're looking for something plainer, these would look and feel amazing in the King Cole Timeless Chunky with its 10% alpaca wool content. 

You'll need 5mm and 6mm needles, stitch markers, and cushion pads for the cushions (one 25 inch square, one 17 inch square).