King Cole

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I am going to go ahead and call this a twin set!!!! And do you know, over the last perhaps year or so, I have been asked for twin sets many times!! And this must mean they're in fashion. So if that's a thing for you then you must get this twin set pattern! If it's not a thing for you, and you like the pattern, then you can just knit and wear them separately.  The texture on these pieces is very simple, not much more than a rib so if you know your knits and purls then you're good to go. I think of it as a sort of 'clock' pattern, because it's easy enough to remember two or four rows and then it's easy to count how many sets of the two or four rows you've done. Because of this, it makes a good stitch pattern to translate into socks. 

Find the whole collection here. 

It's written for the incredible King Cole Linendale DK which is crisp and light and has a beautiful colour range. 

Knitted on 3.5mm and 4mm straight needles and some stitch holders