King Cole

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This is the pattern that finally got me to try intarsia. Me, Casper, who has been working in the shop for 2.5 years and knows HOW to do intarsia, tells people how to do it all the time, and yet has never tried it. Well, I started last night and Oh. My. Good. Lord. I am in love with this pattern. 

Instead of working each block separately, this is still knitted in the traditional back panel, front left, front right construction so you're doing diamonds and diagonals and stripes all at the same time. It's really fun and the instructions are really clear. There's a gorgeous bit of cabling down the sleeves of both, and around the button band of the cardigan too. Lush!

The only thing I will say is that while this is definitely an age inclusive pattern from teen to adult, it isn't particularly size inclusive - up to 40 inch bust. 

It's been written in King Cole Big Value Super Chunky - if you want help picking colours let us know! You'll need 9mm and 10mm needles, and cable needles.