King Cole

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I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THIS PINAFORE DRESS! I cast it on as soon as I could and I have loved working with this yarn - I am going to do some embroidery flowers and vines on the skirt bit. And then I started thinking - what about making FOUR of these dresses all in different DK yarns for the different seasons. So for autumn I'd do a beige/ginger with little toadstools, winter would be a self striping blue/grey with sparkly snowflakes and summer would be much brighter colour blocks. The rest is nice too but it's the dress that did it for me. 

It's written for the King Cole Cloud Nine DK - a super duper soft baby yarn in anti-pilling acrylic. You'll need some 3.25mm and 4mm needles, some stitch holders some buttons for the dress and cardi and some elastic for the trousers.