King Cole

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I'm really taken with this pattern, particularly the cardigan. I think the neck is just the perfect depth to wear over things like shirts but also with less underneath, like a vest top or something. It's a really classic style but I can see it going with a lot of things and in a lot of colours to work for a lot of people. The all over lace pattern is pretty simple, but there is some shaping in there so please remember that your yarn overs are increases which are paired with a decrease on every row, so take the time whilst you're knitting straight to work out which yarn over is paired with which decrease. Then, when you get to shaping, if the shaping means that you can't do a yarn over or a decrease then you omit the corresponding decrease or yarn over - those stitches are just worked in stocking stitch. And that's how you keep the lace pattern going with all the shaping. 

This has been written in King Cole Glitz DK, a gorgeous soft acrylic yarn with a metallic thread running through it. I think it would look extra special in the King Cole Luxury Merino DK though. 

You'll need 3.25mm and 4mm needles, some stitch holders and buttons for the cardigan.